ANNALS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ORADEA. Fascicola History-Archeology
University of Oradea

1. The manuscripts should be sent to editors in electronic format on fixed media, CD or DVD, or by email (;
2. The text will be written with the help of the text editor Microsoft Word, Office 97, 2000 or 2003, only Times New Roman, size 12, lined block, indent - first line and will be spaced at least 1.5.
3. All the notes will be numbered consecutively, written in size 10, and will be found out at the bottom of the page.
4. The title of the paper will be written in capital letters, character 14, bold, and will be aligned to the center of the page.
5. Under the title, the right of the page, the name and surname of the author (s).will be written in italics, bold, 12-character.
 6. At the beginning of the text, a summary in English collected in italics, spaced at 1 line, will be written.
7. Follow five (5) key words in English.
8. Text written entirely in the English language.
9. Setting of page:   Top: 2,54 cm
                      Bottom: 2,54 cm
                      Left: 3 cm
                      Right: 2 cm
                      Gutter: 0